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Computer-assisted legal research

Computer-assisted legal research or computer-based legal research is a mode of legal research that uses databases of court opinions, statutes, court documents, and secondary material. Electronic databases make large bodies of case law easily available. Databases also have additional benefits, such as Boolean searches, evaluating case authority, organizing cases by topic, and providing links to cited material. Databases are available through paid subscription for free. Subscription-based services include Westlaw, LexisNexis, JustCite, HeinOnline, Bloomberg Law, VLex and LexEur. As of 2015 t ...


Legal research

Legal research is "the process of identifying and retrieving information necessary to support legal decision-making. In its broadest sense, legal research includes each step of a course of action that begins with an analysis of the facts of a problem and concludes with the application and communication of the results of the investigation." The processes of legal research vary according to the country and the legal system involved. However, legal research generally involves tasks such as: Searching non-legal sources for investigative or supporting information. Finding primary sources of law ...


Legal research in the United States

Legal research is the process of identifying and retrieving information to support legal arguments and decisions. Finding relevant legal information can be challenging and may involve the use of electronic research tools as well as printed books and materials. However, many resources that are useful for legal research are fee-based, and many are not easily accessible.


Abstract (law)

The Abstract of Title, used in real estate transactions, is the more common form of abstract. An abstract of title lists all the owners of a piece of land, a house, or a building before it came into possession of the present owner. The abstract also records all deeds, wills, mortgages, and other documents that affect ownership of the property. An abstract describes a chain of transfers from owner to owner and any agreements by former owners that are binding on later owners.



AltLaw was an American academic project from 2007 to 2010 aimed at making federal appellate and Supreme Court case law publicly available, "to make the common law a bit more common." The project was a collaboration between Columbia Law Schools Program on Law and Technology and University of Colorado School of Laws Silicon Flatirons program. After Google Scholar added legal case documents to its collection in November 2009, the project announced that its mission was achieved, and it shut down permanently on May 3, 2010. When AltLaw was launched, digital access to US case law was dominated b ...


American Association of Law Libraries

The American Association of Law Libraries "is a nonprofit educational organization with over 5.000 members nationwide. AALLs mission is to promote and enhance the value of law libraries to the legal and public communities, to foster the profession of law librarianship, and to provide leadership in the field of legal information and information policy."


ⓘ Legal research

  • A legal drama, or a courtroom drama, is a genre of film and television that generally focuses on narratives regarding legal practice and the justice system
  • The Legal Research and Training Institute 司法研修所 Shihō - kenshū - jo is operated by the Supreme Court of Japan for the purposes of judicial research and
  • European Legal History German: Max - Planck - Institut fur europaische Rechtsgeschichte situated in Frankfurt Main, is one of 83 institutes and research facilities
  • In law, a legal person is any person or thing less ambiguously, any legal entity that can do the things an everyday person can usually do in law
  • care system. Legal nurse consultant screen cases for merit, assist with discovery conduct the existing literature and medical research review medical
  • Legal positivism is a school of thought of analytical jurisprudence largely developed by legal thinkers in the 18th and 19th centuries, such as Jeremy
  • Empirical legal studies ELS is an approach to the study of law, legal procedure, and legal theory through the use of empirical research Empirical legal researchers

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