ⓘ Terrible


ⓘ Terrible

  • Terrible -class ship of the line, a French Navy class during the Napoleonic era
  • French ship Le Terrible, sixteen ships of the French Navy
  • HMS Terrible, eight British Royal Navy ships
  • The Terrible, the ship used by privateer William Death in 1756

1. People

  • El Terrible, nickname of Mexican boxer Erik Morales born 1976
  • List of people known as the Terrible
  • Terrible, ring name of Mexican professional wrestler Damian Gutierrez Hernandez born 1976

2. Places

  • Mont Terri, a mountain in Switzerland, known as Mont Terrible during Napoleonic times
  • Terrible Mountain disambiguation, a list of peaks known as Terrible Mountain or Mount Terrible
  • Launceston Castle, Cornwall, England, known in the 16th century as Castle Terrible