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Altar cloth

An altar cloth is used by various religious groups to cover an altar. It may be used as a sign of respect towards the holiness of the altar, as in the Catholic Church. Because many altars are made of wood and are often ornate and unique, cloth may then be used to protect the altar surface. In other cases, the cloth serves to beautify a rather mundane construction underneath.



In ancient Rome, the ancilia were twelve sacred shields kept in the Temple of Mars. According to legend, one divine shield fell from heaven during the reign of Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome. He ordered eleven copies made to confuse would-be thieves, since the original shield was regarded as one of the pignora imperii, sacred guarantors that perpetuated Rome as a sovereign entity. The ancilia were in the keeping of the Salii, a body of twelve priests instituted for that purpose by Numa. The Salii wielded them ritually in a procession throughout March.


Apotropaic magic

Apotropaic magic is a type of magic intended to turn away harm or evil influences, as in deflecting misfortune or averting the evil eye. Apotropaic observances may also be practiced out of vague superstition or out of tradition, as in good luck charms, amulets, or gestures such as crossed fingers or knocking on wood. The Greeks made offerings to the "averting gods", chthonic deities and heroes who grant safety and deflect evil.


Asherah pole

An Asherah pole is a sacred tree or pole that stood near Canaanite religious locations to honor the Ugaritic mother-goddess Asherah, consort of El. The relation of the literary references to an asherah and archaeological finds of Judaean pillar-figurines has engendered a literature of debate. The asherim were also cult objects related to the worship of the fertility goddess Asherah, the consort of either Baal or, as inscriptions from Kuntillet Ajrud and Khirbet el-Qom attest, Yahweh, and thus objects of contention among competing cults. In translations of the Hebrew Bible that render the H ...



An aspergillum is a liturgical implement used to sprinkle holy water. It comes in two common forms: a brush that is dipped in the water and shaken, and a silver ball on a stick. Some have sponges or internal reservoirs that dispense holy water when shaken, while others must periodically be dipped in an aspersorium.


Athenian sacred ships

Athenian sacred ships were ancient Athenian ships, often triremes, which had special religious functions such as serving in sacred processions or embassies or racing in boat races during religious festivals. The two most famous such ships were the Paralus and the Salaminia, which also served as the messenger ships of the Athenian government in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Other notable ships included one possibly named the Delias, a triakonter believed to be the ship in which Theseus had sailed to Crete, and which was involved in several traditional theoria to Delos; the vessel was consta ...


ⓘ Religious objects

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  • at times prohibit the use and possession of sacred objects necessary to the exercise of religious rites and ceremonies Whereas traditional American Indian
  • illegally constructed religious objects continued to cause ethnic religious tension and conflict in various communities. Religious symbols were often misused
  • Neopagans are a religious minority in every country where they exist and have been subject to religious discrimination and or religious persecution. The
  • Religious syncretism exhibits blending of two or more religious belief systems into a new system, or the incorporation into a religious tradition of beliefs
  • Belloc Objects to The Outline of History Watts and Company, 1926, page v. Wells, H. G., Mr. Belloc Objects page vi. Wells, H. G., Mr. Belloc Objects page
  • Religious antisemitism is aversion to or discrimination against Jews as a whole based on religious beliefs, false claims against Judaism and religious
  • Religious violence in India includes acts of violence by followers of one religious group against followers and institutions of another religious group
  • The Religious of Jesus and Mary French: Religieuses de Jesus - Marie abbreviated as R.J.M., form a Roman Catholic religious congregation of women dedicated
  • near - Earth objects also includes the approach distances of asteroids and comets expressed in lunar distances The first near - Earth objects to be observed

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