ⓘ John Slater

John Slater

ⓘ John Slater

  • John Slater New Zealand politician, former President of the New Zealand National Party and current President of Citizens and Ratepayers Now
  • John Slater industrialist 1776–1843, American father of John Fox Slater, brother and partner of Samuel Slater
  • John Slater British politician 1889–1935, British Conservative MP for Eastbourne, 1932–1935
  • John Slater Canadian politician 1952–2015, Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
  • John Slater art director 1877–1914, art director at Doultons Burslem factory
  • John Slater & Co. of Forestdale, Rhode Island
  • John Fox Slater 1815–1884, American philanthropist, son of John Slater industrialist
  • John J. Slater Jr. 1925–1998, American lawyer and politician in Massachusetts

1. Others

  • John C. Slater 1900–1976, American physicist and theoretical chemist
  • John Slater actor 1916–1975, British actor specialising in Cockney parts
  • John Slater figure skater 1935–1989, British figure skater and ice dancer
  • John Samuel Slater, British professor of civil engineering
  • John Slater cricketer 1795–?, English cricketer
  • John Slater musician, British heavy metal guitarist, member of the band Rise to Addiction and former member of Blaze Bayley
  • John Slater trade unionist 1920s-1974, British trade union leader