ⓘ Viability study

Viability study

ⓘ Viability study

This type of report studies a situation for example, a problem or opportunity and the plan for doing something about it, then determines whether that plan is "feasible". This would involve determining whether it is technologically possible to achieve and whether it is practical in the current technological, economical and social scenario. The feasibility report does not provide a simple "Yes" or "No" answer, but is used in the analysis of a decision. It is not just a tool to provide a recommendation, it is also used to gather data and give reasoning behind the recommendation given, to be later used in evaluation.

This study is the most important especially to people who plan to start their own business.


1. Recommendation report

This type of report examines either a stated need or a selection of choices, or in some cases both. The report is a collection of analysis and evaluation of the situation, and generally will examine the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the situation, take them into account, and be combined with the feasibility report in order to give a recommendation. Sometimes a recommendation can be given to do nothing, if all options currently possible would prove unbeneficial. The recommendation report answers the question "Which option should we choose?" or "Which are the best options?" by allowing a recommendation to be made. This can be linked into the analysis of the continuum of choice in the scenario.


2. Evaluation report

This type of report provides an opinion or judgment rather that is based on the above two report, along with additional data available. It provides a studied opinion on the value or worth of something. This type of report compares the object of the analysis to a set of requirements or criteria and determines how well it meets those requirements. Generally, the evaluation report will feature an overall recommendation on the course of action to be taken.

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  • The Arnold A. Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies SIWPS is a research center that is part of Columbia University s School of International and
  • organisms creates ambiguity and rather overwhelms the term s current viability within general systemology. Thus reference can be made simply to Bennettian
  • Birmingham pass through Charfield. There have been discussions about the viability of re - opening the station. The costs of re - opening would be shared between
  • study concluded that survival rates were generally high and the species was persisting in highly modified landscapes. A further population viability analysis
  • responses, including metabolic activity. The O OREOS Space Environment Viability of Organics SEVO experiment will monitor the stability and changes in
  • of Non - Viability to the City Council triggering the airport s closure on 12 months notice. Plymouth City Council commissioned an Economic Study into Air
  • According to one study magnesium gluconate showed the highest level of bioavailability of any magnesium salt which implies its viability as a supplement
  • Inst. 395 401. - 1961 Seed preservation and viability Leonard Hill, London. - 1965 Viability of seeds of Theobrama cacao L. Contrib. Boyce Thomp

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