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Association management

Association management is a field of management which focuses on the management of associations. There are more than 25.000 national associations and 65.000 local, state or regional associations in the United States. These organizations employ more than 500.000 professionals. Association management is a distinct field of management because of the unique environment of associations. Associations are unique in that the "owners" are dues-paying members. Members also govern their association through an elected board or other governing body, along with association committees, commissions, task ...


Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association

Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association also known as FAPUASA is an association of the universities academic staff all over Pakistan.


Numismatic associations

Societe de Numismatique Asiatique SNA International Numismatic Council INC British Art Medal Society BAMS International Bank Note Society IBNS Federation of European Numismatic Associations FENAP Oriental Numismatic Society ONS Federation Internationale de la Medaille dArt FIDEM International Association of Professional Numismatists IAPN


ⓘ Associations

  • associations trade associations of independent not chain stores booksellers and bookstores. The list includes antiquarian booksellers associations
  • for those ends that are not forbidden by criminal law. Secret associations and associations that, even indirectly, pursue political aims by means of organisations
  • Cooperating Associations also known as interpretive associations or natural history associations support the interpretive, educational and scientific
  • old boys network Today, alumni associations involve graduates of all age groups and demographics. Alumni associations are often organized into chapters
  • International Federation of Vexillological Associations FIAV, French acronym: Federation internationale des associations vexillologiques is an international
  • The Union of International Associations UIA is a non - profit non - governmental research institute and documentation center based in Brussels, Belgium
  • The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations CASA is a federally focused student advocacy organization. CASA currently has 23 members, who represent
  • athletics associations the OFSAA is an affiliate member of the United States - based National Federation of State High School Associations NFHS Alpine
  • The Union of Arab Football Associations UAFA Arabic: الاتحاد العربي لكرة القدم French: Union des associations de football arabe is the governing body
  • national level, and indirectly at local level through the county football associations It runs numerous competitions, the most famous of which is the FA Cup
  • Kaifong associations Chinese: 街坊會 or kaifong welfare associations Chinese: 街坊福利會 are traditional mutual aid organizations which emerged in Hong Kong

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