ⓘ Ormond


ⓘ Ormond


  • Ormond Upper
  • Ormond Lower
  • Two baronies in North Tipperary
  • Ormond ancient Irish kingdom, in the province of Munster
  • Ormonde Castle, an Irish castle, from 1315 home of the Butler family
  • Birr Aerodrome, the Ormand flying club


  • Ormond Castle, a Scottish castle, home of the Douglas family


  • Great Ormond Street Hospital, a childrens hospital in London

United States

  • Ormond Beach California, a portion of the California coastline
  • Ormond Yacht Club, a yacht club of Ormond Beach, Florida
  • Ormond Beach Middle School, a middle school located in the city of Ormond Beach
  • Ormond Beach Municipal Airport, An airport close to Ormond Beach
  • Ormond Beach, Florida, a city in Florida
  • Ormond-By-The-Sea, Florida, a city in Florida
  • Ormond Memorial Art Museum, Art Museum in Ormond Beach, Florida
  • Ormond Plantation House, Historic plantation house in St. Charles, Parish, LA


  • Ormond Amateur Football Club
  • Ormond railway station, in the suburb
  • Ormond Primary School, Ormond,Victoria
  • Ormond, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia
  • Ormond College, a residential college of The University of Melbourne

New Zealand

  • Ormond, New Zealand, a small settlement inland from Gisborne

1. Others

  • Ormond steam automobile company, 1904–1905
  • Ormond; or, the Secret Witness, a 1799 novel by Charles Brockden Brown
  • Ormond Pursuivant, Scottish officer of arms.
  • Ormond novel, a book by Maria Edgeworth
  • Ormond Hotel, at one time the largest wooden building in the world
  • Ormonds disease, Retroperitoneal fibrosis named for Dr. John Kelso Ormond