ⓘ Sorcerer


ⓘ Sorcerer

  • Sorcerer fantasy, someone who uses or practices magic that derives from supernatural or occult sources
  • Sorcerer paranormal, a practitioner of magic, the ability to attain objectives or acquire knowledge or wisdom using supernatural means

1. Film and fiction

  • The Sorcerers Apprentice, a 2010 American action-fantasy film
  • Highlander III: The Sorcerer, a 1994 U.S. fantasy action film
  • Sorcerer film, a 1977 jungle adventure film
  • The Sorcerers, a 1967 British science fiction/horror film
  • The Dark Tower: The Sorcerer, a comic book

2. Games

  • Sorcerer role-playing game, a 2002 tabletop role playing game made by Ron Edwards
  • Sorcerer video game, a 1984 interactive fiction computer game made by Infocom
  • Sorcerer board game, a 1975 board wargame
  • Sorcerer Dungeons & Dragons, a character class in the game Dungeons & Dragons

3. Music

  • "Sorcerer" Stevie Nicks song, a 1984 song
  • "The Sorcerer", a song by Herbie Hancock from his album Speak Like a Child
  • The Sorcerer, an 1877 comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan
  • Sorcerer Miles Davis album, 1967
  • Sorcerer soundtrack, to the 1977 film performed by Tangerine Dream
  • Sorcerer band
  • The Sorcerer album, 1967 album by Gabor Szabo