ⓘ John Bates

John Bates

ⓘ John Bates

John Bates may refer to:

  • John Bates basketball 1938–2015, American college basketball coach
  • John Bates designer born 1938, English fashion designer
  • John D. Bates born 1946, federal judge appointed by George W. Bush
  • John Bates rector, eighteenth-century Senior Wrangler, see List of Wranglers of the University of Cambridge
  • John Bates technology executive, British computer scientist and businessman
  • John Grenville Bates 1880–1944, co-founder of the American Kennel Club
  • John Bates neurophysiologist 1918–1993, English neurophysiologist
  • Big John Bates, Canadian guitarist and singer
  • Johnny Bates baseball 1882–1949, American baseball player
  • John L. Bates 1859–1946, U.S. political figure and governor of Massachusetts 1903–1905
  • John Bates baseball 1868–1919, American baseball player
  • John C. Bates 1842–1919, U.S. general and army chief of staff 1906

1. Fictional

  • John Bates, character from the period drama soap opera Downton Abbey
  • See Kid Marvelman for comic character John Bates in the Eclipse Comics series "Miracleman"