ⓘ Osage


ⓘ Osage

The Osage Nation, a Native American tribe in the United States, is the source of most other terms containing the word "osage".

Osage can also refer to:

  • Hughes TH-55 Osage U.S. Army helicopter
  • USS Osage LSV-3
  • Osage Indian murders 1921–1925, a group of murders that took place on the Osage Indian Reservation as whites tried to get control of headrights to oil royalties
  • Osage-orange, Maclura pomifera, a tree of the mulberry family
  • Osage Unicode block, containing characters from the Osage alphabet
  • Osage River, a tributary of the Missouri River, entirely contained in Missouri, United States
  • Osage Gallery, an art gallery in Hong Kong
  • Osage language, a Dhaegin language traditionally spoken by the Osage Nation
  • USS Osage 1863

Osage is a part of many placenames, including:

  • Osage, Saskatchewan
United States
  • Osage Beach, Missouri
  • Osage Township, LaSalle County, Illinois
  • Osage Township, Becker County, Minnesota
  • Osage, Iowa
  • Osage, New Jersey
  • Osage County, Oklahoma, home of the Osage Indian Reservation
  • Osage Township, Mitchell County, Iowa
  • Osage, Oklahoma also known as Osage City, Oklahoma
  • Osage County, Kansas
  • Osage Bluff, Missouri
  • Osage, West Virginia near Morgantown, West Virginia
  • Osage City, Kansas
  • Osage, Arkansas
  • Osage Mills, Arkansas
  • Osage, Minnesota
  • Osage, Ohio
  • Fort Osage Independence, Missouri, a United States Army base built in 1808
  • Osage, Wyoming
  • Osage County, Missouri