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51st state

51st state ", in post-1959 American political discourse, is a phrase that refers to areas or locales that are – seriously or facetiously – considered candidates for U.S. statehood, joining the 50 states that presently compose the United States. The phrase has been applied to external territories as well as parts of existing states which would be admitted as separate states in their own right. Voters in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have both voted for statehood in referendums. As statehood candidates, their admission to the Union requires congressional approval. American Samoa, ...


Future developments in Singapore

A new mixed-use, integrated development will be built on the current Liang Court complex with a condominium, a mall, a Moxy hotel by Marriott replacing Novotel, and a Somerset serviced residence. Developed by CapitaLand, Ascott REIT and City Developments Limited, the redeveloped complex will open in phases from 2024.


Future enlargement of the European Union

There are five recognised candidates for future membership of the European Union: Turkey, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, and Serbia. All except Albania and North Macedonia have started accession negotiations. Kosovo, whose independence is not recognised by five EU member states, and Bosnia and Herzegovina are recognised as potential candidates for membership by the EU. Bosnia and Herzegovina has formally submitted an application for membership, while Kosovo has a Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU, which generally precedes the lodging of membership application. Serb ...


List of future Interstate Highways

In the United States, future Interstate Highways include proposals to establish new mainline routes to the Interstate Highway System. Excluded from this article are three-digit auxiliary Interstate Highways in varying stages of planning and construction, and the planned expansion of existing primary Interstate Highways.


List of proposed amendments to the United States Constitution

Hundreds of proposed amendments to the United States Constitution are introduced during each session of the United States Congress. From 1789 through January 3, 2017, approximately 11.699 measures have been proposed to amend the United States Constitution. Collectively, members of the House and Senate typically propose around 200 amendments during each two-year term of Congress. Most however, never get out of the Congressional committees in which they were proposed, and only a fraction of those that do receive enough support to win Congressional approval to actually go through the constitu ...


List of U.S. county secession proposals

This is a list of county secession proposals in the United States; that is, proposed new counties to be formed from existing counties within a given state, but that have not yet been formed. For counties which want to secede from their current state and join or create another, see List of U.S. state partition proposals.


List of U.S. state partition proposals

Since the establishment of the United States in 1776, numerous state partition proposals have been put forward that would partition an existing state in order that a particular region within might either join another state, or create a new state. Article IV, Section 3, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution, oftentimes called the New States Clause, grants to the United States Congress the authority to admit new states into the United States beyond the thirteen already in existence at the time the Constitution went into effect. It also includes a stipulation originally designed to give ...


Proposals for a Jewish state

There were several proposals for a Jewish state in the course of Jewish history between the destruction of ancient Israel and the founding of the modern State of Israel. While some of those have come into existence, others were never implemented. The Jewish national homeland usually refers to the State of Israel or the Land of Israel, depending on political and religious beliefs. Jews and their supporters, as well as their detractors and anti-Semites have put forth plans for Jewish states.


Proposals for an English Academy

During the early part of the 17th century, and persisting in some form into the early 18th century, there were a number of proposals for an English Academy: some form of learned institution, conceived as having royal backing and a leading role in the intellectual life of the nation. Definite calls for an English Academy came in 1617, based on the Italian model dating back to the 16th century; they were followed up later, after the 1635 founding of the French Academie, by John Dryden, John Evelyn, and Daniel Defoe.


List of proposed provinces and territories of Canada

Since Canadian Confederation in 1867, there have been several proposals for new Canadian provinces and territories. Since 1982, the current Constitution of Canada requires an amendment ratified by seven provincial legislatures representing at least half of the national population for the creation of a new province while the creation of a new territory requires only an act of Parliament. Because opening up the constitution to amendment could entice provinces to demand other changes too in exchange for such support, this is seen to be a politically unfeasible option. The newest province, New ...


Proposals for new tram lines in Edinburgh

Various studies, from 1989 onwards, considered the reintroduction of trams to Edinburgh. In 2001, a proposal for a new Edinburgh Trams network envisaged three routes across the city, Lines 1, 2 and 3. Line 1 was a circular route running around the northern suburbs, with the other two forming radial lines running out to Newbridge in the west and to Newcraighall in the south respectively. All lines would run through the city centre. Line 3 was later shelved due to lack of Scottish Parliament approval. Lines 1 and 2 were combined and split into three phases, with Phase 1 being further divided ...


Proposed directive on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions

The Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions 92), procedure number 2002/0047 was a proposal for a European Union directive aimed to harmonise national patent laws and practices concerning the granting of patents for computer-implemented inventions, provided they meet certain criteria. The proposal became a major focus for conflict between those who regarded the proposed directive as a way to codify the case law of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office unrelated to the EU institutions in the s ...


Proposed Melbourne rail extensions

Proposals for expansion of the Melbourne rail network are commonly presented by political parties, government agencies, industry organisations and public transport advocacy groups. The extensions proposed take a variety of forms: electrification of existing routes to incorporate them into the suburban rail system; reconstruction of former passenger rail lines along pre-existing easements; entirely new routes intended to serve new areas with heavy rail or provide alternative routes in congested areas; or track amplification along existing routes to provide segregation of services. Other pro ...


Proposed railways in Sydney

Various railway lines have been proposed for Sydney, Australia, including both heavy rail extensions to the existing network, and more recently proposals for metro style lines–one of which was completed in 2019.


Proposed reforms of mass surveillance by the United States

Proposed reforms of mass surveillance by the United States are a collection of diverse proposals offered in response to the Global surveillance disclosures of 2013.


Proposed states and territories of India

The constitutional power to create new states and union territories in India solely reserved to the Parliament of India. Parliament can do so by announcing new states / union territories, separating territory from an existing state or by merging two or more states / union territories or parts thereof. In addition to the existing twenty eight states and eight union territories some new states and union territories of India have been proposed to be established over time.


Proposed mergers and relocations of the Fitzroy Football Club

The Fitzroy Football Club is an Australian rules football club based in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy North. The clubs professional senior team was a foundation member of the Victorian Football League along with seven other clubs on its inception season of 1897. From the late 1960s onward, the club suffered from stadium constraints and financial difficulties that resulted in multiple merger and relocation proposals. With mounting financial pressure from creditors, the 1996 season would be Fitzroys last season at the senior level. The clubs AFL operations were merged with the ten-ye ...


Proposed VFL/AFL clubs

Proposed VFL/AFL clubs are clubs that at various points in the history of the Australian Football League have been or were distinct possibilities but either did not or have not yet eventuated. Due to their association with the national Australian competition, they have drawn a large amount of controversy and media attention.


List of proposed space observatories

This list contains proposals for space telescopes, space-based astronomical observatories. The list of proposed space observatories is a list of past and present space observatory plans, concepts, and proposals. For observatories in orbit, see list of space telescopes. Unlike that list, this one includes concepts and proposals that are unlikely ever to be launched, as they may have been cancelled or were only proposals.


List of proposed state mergers

This is a list of proposed state mergers, including both current and historical proposals originating from sovereign states or organizations. The entities listed below differ from separatist movements in that they would form as a merger or union of two or more existing states, territories, colonies or other regions, becoming either a federation, confederation or other type of unified sovereign state.


List of proposed states of Australia

Proposals for new Australian states have been numerous since the late 19th and early 20th centuries; however, to date, no states have been added to Australia since Federation in 1901. Many proposals have suggested an Aboriginal state which would resemble the Inuit territory of Nunavut in Canada, while others have suggested incorporating New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, East Timor and New Caledonia as new states. Other proposals suggest making the Northern Territory and/or Australian Capital Territory states.


List of proposed national monuments of the United States

The President of the United States can establish a national monument by presidential proclamation, and the United States Congress can by legislation. The Antiquities Act of 1906 authorized the president to proclaim "historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, and other objects of historic or scientific interest" as national monuments.


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