ⓘ Organization founders


Mustafa Akhwand

Mustafa Akhwand is the founder of the human rights organization Shia Rights Watch, which is dedicated to protecting and preventing violence against Shia Muslims. He has been awarded by the Human Rights Education Associates for his work on minority rights, as well as for his achievements in conflict analysis from the United States Institute of Peace. Due to his work with graduate students in Washington DC, he has been nominated as the best internship site supervisor.


Qudrat Ali

Qudrat Ali is a Pakistani mountaineer. He is also the co-founder and instructor in Shimshal Mountaineering School, and is a member of the Alpine Club.


Shaheen Baig

Shaheen Baig is a Pakistani mountaineer. He is also the co-founder and instructor in Shimshal Mountaineering School, and is a member of the Alpine Club.


Line Bareiro

Line Bareiro studied at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, gaining a Masters in political science in 1979 and working as a research assistant to Dieter Nohlen. Returning to Paraguay she worked with the NGO Paraguayo de Datos BPD until its suppression by Alfredo Stroessner in 1982. She was a founder member of the Centro de Documentacion e Estudios in 1985, and active in the womens movement Coordinacion de Mujeres del Paraguay CMP, founded in 1987. After Stroessners overthrow in 1989, she was a founder member of Decidamos, a citizen advocacy group of NGOs. In 2010 Bareiro was elected t ...


Nepomuceno Bolognini

Nepomuceno Bolognini was an officer of Garibaldi, ethnographer of the 18th century and founder of the Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini in 1872, the largest association of mountaineers part of the Italian Alpine Club. A street in Pinzolo has been named after him.


Edith Brower

Edith Brower was a Progressive Era reformer who lived in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Edith Brower contributed arts columns to The Atlantic Monthly and Harpers Weekly founded the Wyoming Valley Womans Club in 1905, which still exists today. However, she is perhaps best known for her correspondence with Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Edwin Arlington Robinson.


ⓘ Organization founders

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