ⓘ Peter Graham

Peter Graham

ⓘ Peter Graham

  • Peter Graham composer born 1958, British composer
  • Peter Benjamin Graham 1925–1987, Australian visual artist and art theorist
  • Peter Sebastian Graham born 1970, Australian artist

1. Politics

  • Peter Graham Conservative MPP 1827–1877, British-born Ontario farmer and political figure, MPP for Frontenac
  • Peter Graham Liberal MPP 1821–1900, English-born Ontario farmer and political figure, MPP for Lambton East
  • Peter Graham Manitoba politician

2. Sports

  • Peter Graham cricketer, born 1920 1920–2000, Indian-born British cricketer
  • Peter Graham cricketer, born 1954 1954–2015, British cricketer
  • Peter Graham footballer born 1947, British footballer
  • Peter Graham rugby league, rugby league footballer of the 1990s
  • Peter Graham fighter born 1975, Australian kickboxer, boxer and mixed martial artist

3. Other people

  • Peter Graham New Zealand Mountaineer 1881–1961, who together with Henrik Sillem made the first ascent of the West Ridge of Mount Cook
  • Peter Graham, of the League for a Workers Republic
  • Sir Peter Graham barrister 1934–2019, retired First Parliamentary Council in the United Kingdom
  • Peter Graham judge born 1940, Justice of the Federal Court of Australia
  • Peter Graham British Army officer born 1937