ⓘ Mihajlo Petrov


ⓘ Mihajlo Petrov

Mihajlo S. Petrov was a Serbian avant-garde painter, graphic artist, illustrator, etcher, and art critic.


1. Biography

After he completed his studies under the tutelage of Ljubomir Ivanovic at the Arts and Crafts School and Milan Milovanovic at the Royal Art School Kraljevska umetnicka skola in Belgrade. Influenced by Yvan Goll, Dragan Aleksic and Ljubomir Micic, Petrov became involved with Zenit magazine which Micic first launched in 1921 in Zagreb and then in 1924 in Belgrade. The ideas communicated through the Zenit art review became known as Zenitism, a first notable art movement from the Balkans in Europe. He then went on to pursue further study in Vienna 1922, Krakow 1923 and the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris 1924-1925. Petrov was one of Zenits most active associates in his first phase 1921, as well as its most ardent collaborator. He was also a collaborator with other avant-garde journals such as "Dada Tank", and "ut",

In 1924, Petrov was one of the youngest artists to have his paintings on display at the international exhibition in Belgrade which featured the works of more than 100 contemporary European artists. Petrov and two of his colleagues Ivan Radovic and Veljko Stojanovic had a great impact on the art scene in Belgrade from the 1920s right through the 1930s.His oeuvres date from 1915 until 1946.