ⓘ Volga in Flames

Volga in Flames

ⓘ Volga in Flames

Volga in Flames is a 1934 historical adventure film directed by Viktor Tourjansky and starring Albert Prejean, Valery Inkijinoff and Danielle Darrieux. It was made as a co-production between France and Czechoslovakia and is an adaptation of the 1836 novel The Captains Daughter by Alexander Pushkin, set during the Cossack Rebellion against Catherine the Great.

The films sets were designed by the art director Andrej Andrejew and Stepan Kopecky. It was shot at the Barrandov Studios in Prague.


1. Cast

  • Viktor Socha
  • Marcelle Worms as His wife
  • Charles Camus
  • Henri Marchand as Ivan
  • Raymond Rouleau as Schalin
  • Josef Kytka
  • Danielle Darrieux as Macha
  • Nathalie Kovanko as Olga
  • Vladimir Borsky
  • Ladislav Hemmer
  • Valery Inkijinoff as Silatschoff
  • F.X. Mlejnek
  • Mila Reymonova
  • Josef Zezulka as Guardsman
  • Jean Worms
  • Jacques Berlioz as Le colonel
  • Vaclav Pata as Waiter
  • Antonin Jirsa
  • Albert Prejean as Orloff