ⓘ Ripening Youth (1933 film)

Ripening Youth (1933 film)

ⓘ Ripening Youth (1933 film)

Ripening Youth is a 1933 German drama film directed by Carl Froelich and starring Heinrich George, Peter VoS and Hertha Thiele.

The films sets were designed by the art directors Karl Machus, Otto Moldenhauer and Franz Schroedter. Location shooting took place at Stralsund on the Baltic coast. It was well-received by the Nazi press on its release, and drew inspiration from the earlier Madchen in Uniform which was admired by film journalists of the Third Reich.


1. Synopsis

When three girls transfer to an elite school in Lubeck so they can sit their upcoming university entrance examinations this causes disruptions amongst the male students and teachers. One of the girls Elfriede becomes the subject of romantic interest from both a classmate and her strict teacher, ultimately opting for the latter. At the end all three girls pass their exams with full marks.


2. Cast

  • Jochen Kuhlmey as Walter Mettke, Klassen-Primus
  • Fritz Reiff as Herr Sengebusch
  • Friedrich Karl as Erwin Pape, Quintaner
  • Albert Florath as Nehring, Musiklehrer
  • Carsta Lock as Stine Nockelmann, Tochter des Hausmeister
  • Anneliese Wurtz as Frau Nockelmann
  • Peter VoS as Studienassesor Dr. Kerner
  • Hertha Thiele as Elfriede Albing, Abiturientin
  • Horst Beck as Karl Maier, Abiturient
  • Herbert Hubner as Dr. Albing
  • Ellen Geyer as Dienstmadchen bei Dr. Kerner
  • Albert Lieven as Knud Sengebusch, Abiturient
  • Paul Mederow as Dr. Stahnke, Lehrer
  • Herbert Stockder as Herrmann Puttbrese, Abiturient
  • Heinrich George as Brodersen, Studiendirektor
  • Hugo Froelich as Nockelmann, Hausmeister
  • Else Botticher as Frau Albing
  • Sabine Peters as Annelore Winkel, Abiturientin
  • H.J. Wieland as Otto Ohlerich, Abiturient
  • Andree Hanfmann as Ernst Rauch, Abiturient
  • Julius E. Herrmann as Dr. Steffenhagen, Lehrer
  • Nany Mangelsdorf as Frau Mettke
  • Rolf Kastner as Bert Fredereksen, Abiturient
  • Dieter Horn as Franz Moller, Abiturient
  • Hermann Noack as Fritz Hannemann, Abiturient
  • Hans Engelhardt as Willi Holzhuter, Abiturient
  • Jochen Blume as Andreas Bolz, Abiturient
  • Marieluise Claudius as Christa von Borck, Abiturientin
  • Paul Henckels as Dr. Hepp, Lehrer