ⓘ 1872 in birding and ornithology

1872 in birding and ornithology

ⓘ 1872 in birding and ornithology

Birds described in 1872 include the Chilean flamingo, snowy egret, black-tailed crake, Cyprus warbler, Baikal bullfinch, Persian shearwater, red-fronted antpecker, Tibetan serin, Newtons parakeet and the orange fruit dove.


1. Events

  • Richard Bowdler Sharpes main work was in classifying and cataloguing the collections of the British Museum but also played a major role in acquiring private collections by persuading wealthy collectors and travellers to contribute to the museum. In 1872 the museum had 35.000 bird specimens; the collection had grown to half a million by the time of his death.
  • Allan Octavian Hume starts the quarterly journal Stray Feathers in 1872 supported by Ferdinand Stoliczka, who was an editor for the Journal of the Asiatic Society.
  • Henry Baker Tristram studies Bible localities and birds in Palestine.

2. Publications

  • Carl Jakob Sundevall, 1872. Methodi naturalis avium disponendarum tentamen. Forsok till fogelklassens naturenliga uppstallning. Stockholm, Samson & Wallin online BHL
  • Alphonse Milne-Edwards Resume des Recherches sur les Oiseaux Fossiles. C. R. vol. lxxiv. p. 1030, and Annales des Sciences Naturelles xvi. art. 2. Translation as Investigations on Fossil Birds. Annals and Magazine of Natural History ser. 4. x. pp.
  • George Ernest Shelley A Handbook to the Birds of Egypt 1872
  • Walter Buller A History of the Birds of New Zealand. London: Van Voorst completed 1873
  • Otto Finsch "Zur Ornithologie der Samoa-Inseln". Journal fur Ornithologie 1872
  • Juan Ignacio Molina Saggio sulla Storia Naturale del Chili

3. Ongoing events

  • John Gould The Birds of Asia 1850-83 7 vols. 530 plates, Artists: J. Gould, H. C. Richter, W. Hart and J. Wolf; Lithographers: H. C. Richter and W. Hart
  • Henry Eeles Dresser and Richard Bowdler Sharpe A History of the Birds of Europe, Including all the Species Inhabiting the Western Palearctic Region.Taylor & Francis of Fleet Street, London
  • Theodor von Heuglin Ornithologie von Nordost-Afrika Ornithology of Northeast Africa Cassel, 1869–1875
  • The Ibis