ⓘ Carmel Art Association

Carmel Art Association

ⓘ Carmel Art Association

The Carmel Art Association is a non-profit art association and gallery located in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. The CAA is Carmels oldest gallery. It features the work of many local artists living on the Monterey Peninsula. Many of its members were early California artists. The CAA is a 501 organization.


1. History

The CAA was founded in 1927 at the home of Miss Josephine M. Culberston. The originator of the plan was Jennie V. Cannon of Berkeley, California, who was a frequent visitor to Carmel and owned a summer cottage there. Pedro Joseph de Lemos was elected the first president of the CAA in August 1927.

In October 1927, the first show of 41 artist took place in the Seven Arts building of Herbert Heron. In 1933, the gallery was moved to its present location on Dolores Street.

The Association filed articles of incorporation on January 26, 1934. The early directors included John O’Shea, Jo Mora, William Frederic Ritschel, Paul Dougherty, Armin Hansen, Edda Maxwell Heath, and E. Charlton Fortune.

Byington Ford was treasurer of the CAA from 1939 to 1940. In 1940, John O’Shea was president for a third term. Paul Whitman, was vice-president and one of the original members of the Carmel art community. Byington later bought a lithograph of the Monterey Cypress trees from Whitman.


2. Exhibitions

One of the first CAA exhibitions was on June 3, 1928 at the Stanford Art Gallery of oil paintings and water colors by 25 of its members. One of the paintings was by Percy Gray called "Coast Near Monterey".

Jo Mora was active in the Carmel community and served on the board of directors of the CAA, where his sculptures were exhibited between 1927 and 1934.

Salvador Dali joined the CAA. On June 8, 1947, he participated as an art expert and juror in a contest sponsored by CAA that awarded high school students from Albany High School in Oakland, California.

On July 28, 1988, the CAA held an exhibition of paintings and graphics by six early members. Francis McComas was one of them.

Today, there are many shows & events that are listed on the CAA website.


3. Awards

The gallery has won awards in the following areas:

  • The Award of Excellence Carmel Chamber of Commerce
  • Best Art Gallery in Monterey County Monterey County Weekly
  • Golden Pine Cone Award Carmel Pine Cone

4. Publications

  • Richard Lofton, 1908-1966: a painters painter. Carmel, Calif., 2004, OCLC 84711047
  • John OShea and friends: John OShea, Burton Shepard Boundary, Theodore Morrow Criley: Carmel Art Association, August 5 through August 31, 1993. Carmel, Calif., 1993. OCLC 35330515
  • Carmel Art Association: its legends and legacies 1927–2007. Authors: Dick Crispo; Lisa Crawford Watson. Carmel, Calif., 2007, OCLC 289664504
  • Carmel Art Association: Today. Author: Carmel Art Association, Carmel, Calif., 1988, OCLC 27866383

5. Notable members

  • Mary DeNeale Morgan
  • Francis McComas
  • Jo Mora
  • E. Charlton Fortune
  • Armin Hansen
  • John O’Shea
  • Pedro Joseph de Lemos
  • Paul Dougherty
  • Jennie V. Cannon
  • Percy Gray
  • William Frederic Ritschel
  • Salvador Dali