ⓘ Blasius Hofel

Blasius Hofel

ⓘ Blasius Hofel

Born in Vienna, Hofel studied drawing and painting from 1805 at the Akademie der bildenden Kunste Wien with Hubert Maurer. From 1807 he devoted himself primarily to chalcography. His most famous work is a portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven, with whom he also had personal contact. Hofels copperplate engraving was commissioned by the Artaria publishing house in 1814 & Comp. on the basis of a drawing by Louis-Rene Letronne. From 1820 to 1837 he worked as a drawing teacher at the military academy in Wiener Neustadt. On a study trip to Germany he met Friedrich Wilhelm Gubitz and afterwards he worked with different woodcut techniques. Around 1840 he invented the line etching.

Hofel died in Aigen bei Salzburg at the age of 71.


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