ⓘ Zoe Goyet


ⓘ Zoe Goyet

Zoe Goyet was a French portrait painter, pastel artist, and teacher. Her works were exhibited in the Paris Salon from 1834 to 1841. She was the wife of painter Eugene Goyet and daughter-in-law of painter Jean-Baptiste Goyet.


1. Career

Zoe Goyet was a direct descendant of the influential Parisian art dealer and engraver Jean Mariette. Her marriage to Eugene Goyet brought her into the household and atelier he shared with this father, Jean-Baptiste Goyet, at 3 Rue de lAbbaye in Paris. All three were artists, exhibiting their works at the prestigious annual Paris Salon and exhibitions in other cities in France. Zoe exhibited portraits at the Salon from 1834 to 1839 and in 1841; she received a medal in 1837. In 1838 she painted a portrait of the popular novelist Michel Masson that was widely reproduced in his books.

In 1837, after the Goyets moved to 25 Rue de la Chausee-DAntin, they set up their studios next door at number 27, where Eugene and Zoe also taught drawing and painting to female students. At least one graduate of her atelier exhibited at the Paris Salon, in 1864.

Eugene Goyet died in 1857. In 1859, Zoe Goyet completed her husbands final commission - of a painting of Christ at Calvary, for La chapelle Notre-Dame du Calvaire, Garbriac, Averyon, France - marking the end of over three decades in which the three Goyets played a prominent role in the world of French art. Zoe died in 1869.