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22Kill is a suicide prevention non-profit organization that predominantly focuses on preventing United States military veterans from committing suicide. It is composed of multiple programs that were created through partnerships with other non-profit organizations such as Carry That Load. The organization uses the motto "One Tribe, One Fight", which reflects on the collective partnerships goal to prevent veteran suicide and help veterans cope with issues that may lead to suicide. The organizations name was chosen to reflect on a 2012 statistic from the Veterans Affairs office, which stated ...


30% Club

The 30% Club is a campaign group of Chairs and CEOs taking action to increase gender diversity on boards and senior management teams. It was established in the United Kingdom in 2010 by Dame Helena Morrissey with the aim of achieving a minimum of 30% female representation on FTSE 100 boards. That target was reached in September 2018. The Club now also has chapters in Australia, Brazil, Canada, East Africa, GCC, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Southern Africa, Turkey and the United States. In 2015 Brenda Trenowden was appointed as the new lead for the UK chapter and as Global Ch ...


Academy of American Franciscan History

The Academy of American Franciscan History was founded in 1943 in Washington, D.C. as an institution to promote scholarship on the history of the Franciscan Order in the Americas. The inauguration of the Academy "brought together a large group of scholars in the Latin American field," including Howard Mumford Jones, John Tate Lanning, and Carlos E. Castañeda. The core members of the Academy included Antonine Tibesar O.F.M. and Maynard Geiger, O.F.M., with Roderick Wheeler, O.F.M., serving as its first director. A number of non-Franciscans pursuing the history of the order were made corresp ...


Advocates for Self-Government

Advocates for Self-Government is a non-profit, non-partisan libertarian educational organization. It was founded in 1985 by Marshall Fritz, who died in 2009. As of 2017, Michael Sertic leads the organization as its president. Chris Rufer is the chairman of the board of directors. The organization is best known for popularizing the "Worlds Smallest Political Quiz", which has been taken online over 23 million times. The quiz uses an adaptation of the Nolan Chart, which does not include foreign policy. Authors of content for the Advocates for Self-Government include Alice Salles, Jose Nino, a ...


African Centre of Meteorological Application for Development

The African Centre of Meteorological Application for Development, or ACMAD, is an African weather office based in Niamey, Niger. It was established in 1987 by UNECA and WMO. It has 53 member countries and cooperates with WMO, EUMETSAT and ECMWF.


Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organisation

The Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to the ideals of national liberation and Third World solidarity. The organization is based in Egypt and has around 26-50 staff. The AAPSO was founded as the Solidarity Council of the Afro-Asian Countries at a conference held in Cairo December 1957 to January 1958. The name was changed to its present form at the second conference held in Conakry, Guinea in April 1960. The AAPSO has 90 national committees. The Soviet Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee was a charter member. Observer status ...


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  • public benefit organization is a charitable organization defined by the statute in a given jurisdiction. Public benefit organization Polish: organizacja
  • Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization or Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization is the leader of the Executive Committee
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  • The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization is an academic journal published by Elsevier. The journal is abstracted and indexed in the Social Sciences
  • The organization of the artist is a method used by architect Frank Gehry that places the artist in control of the design throughout a building construction
  • also known as Iron Wolf Association was a Lithuanian paramilitary organization active in 1927 1934. Initially established as an athletic society founded


WCO-EAC TFP is a trade facilitation program to ensure smooth trade in the region the East African States members of the community. The authorized economic operator program.

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